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Long story, short. We’re your new best friends.

We know that creating your platform can make you want to jump off a platform. And back cover copy just never seems to cover enough of the story. And there’s always that risk that your elevator pitch will freefall.

But friends don’t let friends pitch a fit. We got your back.

Marketing15 Nichole Parks and Katelyn S. Bolds



Nichole ParksNichole Parks (not to be mistaken for Nicholas Sparks) packs a punch as Marketing Coordinator for Gilead Publishing. Her fingerprints are all over the covers of their latest books. When she’s not cuffed to her inbox, Nichole evades blind dates and loves on her latest dark humor manuscript. Always with a flair for the traumatic… Stalk her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram.



Katelyn S. BoldsKatelyn S. Bolds balances work as Web Editor, Author Services Extraordinaire, and freelance writer for Gilead Publishing. She is married to coffee; also her husband. At times this DIY life might get a little crazy, but she takes it one day at a time. A little yoga, a lot of organization, and a holistic approach make for a Bold Life. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.