Long story short. We’re your new best friends.

We know that creating your platform can make you want to jump off a platform. And back cover copy just never seems to cover enough of the story. And there’s always that risk that your elevator pitch will freefall.

But friends don’t let friends pitch a fit. We got your back.


I have 25+ books to my publishing credit, and I’ve worked with five different publishers over my career. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been unusual for the back cover copy penned by the publisher to introduce stories very different than the ones I told.

When Nichole Parks wrote the cover blurb for All I Want for Christmas, my novella in the Sleigh Bells Ringcollection, she accomplished two very important things: She succinctly introduced the plot to my readers, and she did it in a way as engaging – or even more so – as the story itself. Nichole has an obvious commitment to and talent for what she does. The proof is clearly in the spectacular results.

–Sandra D. Bricker, Author of Live-Out-Loud Fiction for the Inspirational Market

Back Cover Gold

The ability to capture the essence of a story in a few strong marketing-savvy words is an art in and of itself. Nichole Parks possesses that talent… and many more!

–Ruth Logan Herne, bestselling author

Capturing *Your* Story